Still Life 2

Sometimes, I feel like I would just want to lie down on the floor and do nothing after I watch and go through a lot of art events. This is maybe I feel so boring and tired of interpreting the art or maybe I was too lazy to do that.

But what I could confirm is art somehow is too sweet for me. Art becomes sweet to feed the audience’s taste. Everyone loves sweet, but they already forget that too sweet will kill you. 

Therefore, I made myself into a carpet with the “WELCOME, ART SWEET ART ” words on it. I invite the audience to step on my body for cleaning their tiredness before they enter the art space and also empty their mind. In this action, once I feel someone’s step, it also makes me to be conscious on my living at the moment.


performance duration: 02:00:00, Friends involved in the middle of performance
black fabric, artist’s body, plastic gauze, felt string, sponge

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