By the River

‘man-made GOD’ is an exhibition presented by 3 artists unit. They are kinseng, shun xiong and forrest wong. This group exhibition which works mainly inspired from a studio of the god statues making.
The reproduction of god statues stimulate us to rethink about the definition of the existential of god, the process of recreate.
I was overwhelmed by the process of “making” when I visited the studio. Once I saw the statues, it generates and extend my imagination scenes in my mind. Unconsciously, there are some scenes and gestures happened to appear and I presented it into a performance. I connected the scenes and gesture and a story is created.

The story begin like this:

“On that day, I obscurely saw you walking on the surface of the water by the river, you looked so relaxed and light hearted.
You are getting closer to me, and out of sudden you exhaled the air in front of my cheek.
I smelled a refreshing green lime, and then you suddenly getting into my body from my belly button.
I unexpectedly crouched down and showering myself with the soil and river water.
Your big vigorous hand touching my forehead, and then you riding on my shoulder, strolling me around the garden.
You told me not to worry, not to fear, there must be a way, as long as you prospect to the far faraway, and a wisp of smoke would took all the uncertainties away.”


那天, 我看見妳走在河水面上,感覺妳輕輕的。
我突然蹲下一手抓起一把泥 ,一手抓起一灘河水淋浴我自己。


performance duration: 00:40:00
god statue in resin, plant, apple, water, wood, batik cloth, gauze clothe, candle, matches
photo credit: nigo chong, felix wong. kinseng