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forrest wong is a visual artist with interdisciplinary inclination whose work has a strong focus on personal history, imagination and body. He processes his body in relation to particular objects and situations he experienced. He then manifests it into many forms of expression like drawing, writing, sound and performance art; all spiritualistic and humoristic, while critically reflecting on his own identity and condition.

With his personal family background and custom, the philosophy of Taoism and pre-existence are planted in him. It influences him to believe that one should step back and observe before taking another step forward. And so, he observes, gathering the fragments from his everyday life, then weaves them into works of art. He creates dream-like and mysterious realms that involve transitions from his own imagination intertwined with twist of reality.

The sensibility of body that the artist focused enlighten him mainly convey into performance art as he able to participate directly with social reality, the specific dimension and the politics of identity. He cherishes this process of presenting as it offers interpretation of life’s thresholds within the context of a shifting multicultural environment that artist engages with. To him, this is how art connects to peoples and the wider social world. He hopes viewers detect immeasurable imagination stretching from the peradventure meanwhile remind them to embrace the absurd, the irrational and the nonsensical as a mean to make sense of their life.